My philosophy is that our differences are our virtues, not our vices. In fact, I prefer the unusual to the ordinary and I thrive on weirdness! There’s wanderlust in my heart and the path less traveled beneath my feet. The outdoors is my Romeo, and it never disappoints this Juliet (yep, I’m one of those hopeless romantic types!). Sigh.
I like to “sweet talk,” well, it’s polite cussing, really. I’ll shoot and dang you to freakin’ and heckin’ death! I’ll fall in love with our shoot, get lost in the moment, and feed off your energy. I’ll be playful and encourage you to let loose in the sandbox. I’ll want you to join me on the top of the world. It’s groovy there, so get ready to climb out of your comfort zone. I’m passionate about collaborating with my clients to create a truly special and unforgettable experience we get to capture in print. Inspiring others to let their inner self shine is at the core of what I do.



IF YOU'RE AN UNCONVENTIONAL                           SEEKER,






I’m more than my camera! I’m also a kickboxing and jujitsu goddess who makes floral bouquets and is addicted to hugs. I am passionate about music (call me a disco queen!), singing in the car (alone and you’re welcome!), small details (that adorable freckle on your cheek I noticed the first time I saw you), sunsets and water (all the natural beauty I can get!), and my vegetarian/part-time pescatarian ways (I’m a sucker for sushi!). What don’t I like? Spoons! What can I say? I just don’t dig 'em – eating soup with a fork is part of my weirdness!

I look forward to discovering some fun facts about you!
Mak what?
I get that a lot!
So here’s the story…

The name Mak Polny is Polish for “field poppy.” 

My mother left Poland in her twenties with a heart full of hope and a desire for adventure and headed for the US where she met my father. She left this earth when I was nine. One of my earliest memories was her handing me a wind-up disposable camera and saying, “here ya go kid, go to town!” So, at just five or six I started taking pictures – mostly of my parents. I’d tell my dad, “kiss mom on the cheek,” or direct them to pose on top of a mountain, or sit in front of a pretty fountain (a pro in the making!). They never missed a chance to take me into nature, and I always had a camera in hand. 
Change was pretty much the only constant in the aftermath of losing my mom. My dad tried to fill the void by introducing me to a multitude of hobbies...at his wallet’s expense. Guitar, drums, painting, jewelry making, tie-dying, sports lessons, and the like, but none of them lasted longer than a roll of film! That is, until I set my sights on this shiny digital camera, which by then, my fed-up, financially spent father told me I’d have to buy myself (life lessons, right?). I saved up for years until finally I got that camera. I started taking pictures again and, somehow, I felt like I was right back in the mountains as a little kid. A sense of joy washed over me. Being behind the camera became my happy place where life’s difficulties were suspended in time and I could be fully present in the moment. 
I know, what the heck does this have to do with field poppies? Well, just after high school I decided to go to Poland to explore my heritage, to feel closer to my mom, to find adventure like she did. I couch surfed, met family, learned the language, got citizenship, and took a TON of pictures. One image, however, was forever embedded in my mind – that of a single bright red poppy growing tall amid a sea of thousands of yellow flowers. It grew out of the edge of some concrete, forcing itself into existence, as if it knew it was meant to stand out. I felt like I understood that resilient little poppy that had grown through adversity, longing to be out in the world, only different.    
So, when I decided to leave the confines of my studio job and pursue photography as a unique artist, the image of that poppy came to mind, and I knew Mak Polny was the perfect name. It honors my mom, keeps her close, and represents the utter strength and beauty in standing out. Mak Polny Photo is about being the wild red poppy in a field of daffodils.

those driving forces that inspire me as an artist
inspiring others

Photography sets the perfect stage to be yourself and engage in the moment. Emboldening others to embrace who they are and show it to the world invigorates me. Pure and telling images are the ultimate reward!


Co-conspiring in creativity is exciting and gratifying! Cooperative experiences produce delightful works of art that simply spark joy. I cherish the little secrets behind the meaningful art we create together.  


Working a lens to capture the beauty of people and personas sets my inner flame ablaze! It’s so much fun to hunt for truths. I want you to see and feel my fervor in the authenticity of my work.


I’ll be the one with the weathered backpack in the tattered old Levi’s – classic rip in the left butt cheek, denim faded to white, you know, the ones that look like they’ve traveled four continents!

Planned Destinations

Los Angeles
Puerto Rico
and, with any luck, some Destinations Unknown!